To professionally conduct the Office of the Borough Clerk in a manner that ensures an effective link between the community and government through quality administrative support and the dissemination of information.


The Borough Assembly appoints the municipal clerk. The clerk and her staff work for the legislative body. The clerk provides administrative support to the Mayor and Assembly and serves as a conduit to the administration, the public, and other agencies for the Assembly.

Mandated Duties of the Clerk

The Borough Clerk is responsible for:
  • Acting as the custodian of the Borough seal and the official records of the Borough
  • Publishing and providing notice of public meetings to the Assembly members and the public
  • Recording and attesting of documents and codifying ordinances
  • Recording, filing, indexing, and safekeeping all proceedings of the Assembly
  • Serving as registrar of the Borough and administering all Borough elections
  • Acting as the parliamentary adviser to the Borough Assembly
The Borough Clerk's Office does not retain or manage criminal cases or records. For inquiries on criminal matters please contact the Kodiak Courthouse at 907-486-1600 or visit the Alaska Court System website.

The Borough Clerk's Office does not handle vital statistics matters such as marriage, birth, and/or death records. For inquiries on these matters please contact the State of Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics Office online or at 907-465-3391.