Get a Firewood Cutting Permit

The Kodiak Island Borough currently maintains two options for obtaining a permit to gather firewood on borough lands.

A permit can be obtained for gathering firewood at the Chiniak Firewood Collection Area, free of charge, by completing and submitting the online Chiniak Firewood Agreement.

A separate permit can be obtained, for a fee, to gather firewood on other parcels of Borough-owned land by completing the following steps:

  1. Identify a tree that has completely fallen down
  2. Verify that this tree is on Borough land.  One way of doing this is by navigating to the location using the Borough's Borough GIS map and checking the ownership information.
  3. Complete the Firewood Gathering Agreement and bring it to the front desk of the Borough Building at 710 Mill Bay Road for processing and payment.  Please note that you must be able to confirm that the downed tree is located on Borough land in order to obtain the permit.

Questions may be directed to the Borough Manager's office at 486-9303.