GIS Community

Kodiak Island Borough GIS works with other agencies, formally and informally, to facilitate information acquisition and sharing across multiple organizations. Organizations that form part of the larger GIS Community in Kodiak include State and Federal natural resource management agencies, conservation groups, native corporations, and utilities. 

Visit the links below for more information about some of the greater GIS Community in Kodiak:

  1. Anadromous Waters Catalog: Maintained by Department of Fish and Game, State of Alaska, the anadromous waters catalog contains streams, rivers or lakes which have been specified as being important for the spawning, rearing or migration of anadromous fish. Maps and data representing the streams, lakes and rivers can be downloaded from this site.
  2. Kodiak Island Stream Crossing Permits: Maintained by Department of Fish and Game, State of Alaska, permit files describing location of permitted anadromous stream crossings.
  3. Kodiak Soil & Water Conservation District: A member district of the Alaska Association of Conservation Districts, the Kodiak Soil & Water Conservation district facilitates natural resource conservation through community involvement, education, technical expertise and scientific research.
  4. Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge: Maintained by the Department of Natural Resources, State of Alaska, access and download information about land ownership, land use and authorizations on state land and water owned or managed by the State of Alaska.