Popular Services

The Kodiak Island Borough is committed to providing quality services to the public. Among those services most visible and popular to our residents are:

  • Animal Control - animal control services are provided along the Kodiak Road System by contract with the City of Kodiak, this link takes you to their web page.
  • Building Services - the Kodiak Island Borough contracts with the City of Kodiak to provide building permit and building inspection services. This link takes you to their web page.
  • Fire Protection - fire protection services in the borough are provided via service districts. Please visit the link for more information.
  • Kodiak Fisheries Research Center - the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center is a state-of-the-art research facility that also contains an aquarium, touch tank, and interpretive center.  Please visit the link for more information.
  • Map Services are provided in-house by the Kodiak Island Borough Geographic Information System (GIS) employee.
  • Solid Waste Management - the borough provides for solid waste (trash) collection along the Kodiak road system by contract with a waste hauler; disposal of solid waste occurs at the local landfill.  Please select the link for more information.
  • Road Service - road maintenance services are provided in certain areas of the borough where residents have voted to create a service district for that purpose.  Please select the link for information regarding borough road services.