Filing for Candidacy


  • Candidates for Mayor, Assembly and School Board must be qualified voters of the borough and residents of the borough for one year at the time of filing.
  • A school district employee may seek election to the School Board but must resign his/her position with the District if elected. 
  • Candidates for service area boards must be qualified voters of the borough and residents of the service area for at least 30 days immediately preceding filing for office.

Write-In Filing for Candidacy 

Election Write-In Candidacy Packets are now available in the Borough Clerk's Office or available for download in the links below. Please print the files two-sided. 

  1. Write-In Candidacy packet for Mayor, Assembly, and School Board
  2. Write-In Candidacy packet for Service Area Boards  

The code provision pertaining to write-in candidacy and write-in votes can be found in KIBC 7.30.125. Please contact the Borough Clerk's Office at (907) 486-9310 for any questions. Packets must be submitted by 3 p.m. on Tuesday, September 26, 2023.

 Seat   Term  Incumbent(s)
Mayor, One SeatTwo Year TermScott Arndt
Assembly Members, Three SeatsThree Year TermsJoseph Delgado, Geoffrey Smith, and Ryan Sharratt
School Board, Two SeatsThree Year TermsKatie Oliver and Duncan Fields
Bay View Road Service Area, One SeatThree Year TermsLucas Baxter
Fire Protection Service Area, Two SeatsThree Year TermsRichard Carstens and Craig Walton
Monashka Bay Road Service Area, One SeatThree Year TermsPatrick Joseph O'Donnell                 
Service Area No. 1 Board, Three SeatsThree Year TermsScott Arndt, Curtis Howell, and Mike Sirofchuck
Womens Bay Service Area Board, three seats  Three Year TermsGreg Egle, David Heuman, and vacant seat