The Borough Clerk's Office is responsible for administering the local municipal elections. The regular Kodiak Island Borough election is held on the first Tuesday in October of each year to elect members to the Borough Mayor, Borough Assembly, School Board, and Service Area Boards. The 2022 Regular Borough Election will be held on Tuesday, October 4, 2022. View the election calendar here

Voter Registration

In order to be a qualified voter of the Borough, you must be registered to vote at a residence in Kodiak not less than 30 days prior to the Election. Residents may register vote at the Borough Clerk's Office and you may also register or update your voter information at the State of Alaska Division of Elections website.

Candidate Filing

Election Candidacy Packets will be made available at the Borough Clerk's Office on July 11 or earlier. Electronic copies of the candidacy packets will be posted on this page. The filing period will begin on August 1 and it will close on August 15. Nominating petitions will be accepted during weekdays, 8 to 5 p.m. and on the last day (August 15), packets will be accepted until 4:30 p.m.
 Seat  Term  Incumbent(s)
Mayor Three Year Term                                             Bill Roberts                          
Assembly, two seats Three Year Terms Scott Arndt and Joseph Delgado
Assembly, one seat One Year Term Jared Griffin
School Board, one seat Three Year Term Julie Cain Hill
Bay View Road Service Area, two seats Three Year Terms Jim Carmichael, vacant
Fire Protection Service Area, one seat Three Year Term Mike Dolph
Monashka Bay Road Service Area, two seats Three Year Terms Frank Fish and Thomas Lance                       
Service Area No. 1 Board, two seats Three Year Terms Craig DeHart and Dennis Symmons
Womens Bay Service Area Board, two seats   Three Year Terms Jason Chandler and Christopher Windnagle

Write-in Candidacy

Write in Declaration Packets will be available in the Borough Clerk's Office beginning August 16th. The filing period for write in declaration candidacy begins on August 16 and it ends at 5 p.m. the day before the election. Electronic copies of the write-in candidacy will be posted on this page. 

Voting Precincts

 Precinct Number Location
 32/820 Kodiak Precinct No. 1
Harbor Master's Building, 402 West Marine Way.
 32/825 Kodiak Precinct No. 2
 Teen Center, 410 Cedar Street
 32/830 Mission Road 
 Bayside Fire Hall, 4606 E. Rezanof Dr.
 32/810 Bells Flats
 Womens Bay Fire Hall, 538 Sargent Creek Rd.

Absentee in Person Precincts: 
 Precinct Number
 32/800 Cape Chiniak
 32/815 Kodiak Island South
 32/835 Old Harbor
 32/840 Ouzinkie
 32/845 Port Lions