Posted on: March 6, 2017

Press Release: The Kodiak Island Borough is pleased to introduce our CivicWeb Portal!

The Kodiak Island Borough is pleased to introduce our CivicWeb Portal. One of the goals of the KIB Mayor and Assembly is to make open governance a reality for the entire Borough as reflected in its current Strategic plan.

We place a very high value on civic engagement and transparency of government, and one way to achieve this is by keeping citizens well informed about the decisions of the Assembly and all its Boards, Commissions and Committees.

This portal will increase transparency and ensure that important decisions made by the Assembly and all its boards, committees, and commissions are accessible and provided based on user-friendly approaches.

Below are the tools that are available in the portal which will improve the flow of information and accessibility between the Borough and its citizens: https://kodiakak.civicweb.net/portal/

  • Meet and easily contact the Mayor and Assembly members. You have instant access to phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Be in the know when the meetings are happening months in advance.
  • Subscribe to get updates about meetings that matter to you.
  • Access meeting packets organized by Assembly, Commission, Committees, and Boards. The tabs also include all assembly mails.
  • Locate specific documents in the advanced Search engine
  • Watch the live stream video of Borough meetings while in progress.
  • Access historical documents that dates back to the Borough’s incorporation in 1963 in the Borough Records Online.

We invite everyone to visit the new portal and become familiar with this exciting new level of access to agendas, minutes, meeting schedule, and records from the Kodiak Island Borough.

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